The bar

At isla coffee-bar you can enjoy from early in the morning the most excellent quality of coffee and refreshing natural juices. Delicious gourmet flavours are served both in the midday and the evening, as well as your drink up to late in the night in one of the most beautiful spot of N.Poroi.

Food & Drinks
During the day you can enjoy excellent quality of coffees, astonishing natural juices, beers, drinks and over 30 recipes of exotic cocktails.
If you re hungry you can try variety of refreshing salads, Italian spaghetti-pizza(hopefully in future),ice-cream and sweets, as brownies, chocolate soufflé, and many more.

The music keeps up with the philosophy and the concept of the shop… Specially selected to set you free… You will hear all kind of sounds such as ethnic, mainstream, Latin and acid jazz that creates a warm atmosphere and lift your spirit up until late in the evening…

The endless golden beach, isla cafe-bar full of comfortable deck-chairs and umbrellas is a place where except the magnificent sea, you can also enjoy coffees, beers, cocktails, with different styles of music, for those that adopt a more relaxing approach to their vacations.

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